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accidents happen, right?

It isn't realistic to presume we can be with our pets 24/7 to supervise them. It isn't realistic to presume that someone else can supervise them when we're out, at work, or just to go to the shop. If your pet has safe, secure housing, you are doing your responsibility for that pet while you're not there to mind them.

For budgies, safe secure housing demands a good size cage with the correct space between the bars that they cannot slip through or get stuck between. A standard budgie cage. This is what my birds have and live in. A regular, approved budgie cage.

Tonight, watching TV, my boyfriend heard the birds shrieking up a panic in my room. I didn't hear them myself. We muted the TV, then I tore off, two stairs at a time, to rescue the distressed bird. Marky had got his whole wing stuck out between the bars of the cage, and couldn't twist his body correctly to get it back in. I manouvered him till he was free. He wasn't hurt, just a few bent feathers.

What if I had been out during the day and this had occured? More than likely he would have freed himself, but possibly he could have broken his wing, or driven himself into a panic and died from a heart attack, or simply by exhaustion from hanging by his wing from the bars. I got lucky this time.

This is the type of accident that there really is no solution to - a freak accident that I was lucky to observe. I hate to think of the feedback and snark that could (and more likely would) stem from this incident had I not been there to rescue him - never mind the horror of my poor bird suffering this way!!

Honestly I'm still in a bit of shock! I guess pet ownership is never risk-free, like all of life.
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