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Handy tip for giving a cat a pill!

My cat is 18 years old, and we're handling the diabetes and kidney disease pretty well all things considered. She's a spunky feisty little old lady, and thanks to our vet doing quite well. Most of her meds have been injectable -which has actually been easier for us in the past than giving a pill.

So this last visit, she has another urinary infection and high glucose, and she needs to take some pills. I think any of you who've had to give a cat a pill knows how fun that is, and how the pill ends up in a dozen different places wet and slimy and anywhere but IN said kitty. Cleo's a smart gal too, so anytime we use one technique that works the next time she's worked out how to get around it. It's hellish for everyone involved. We have tried the hiding it in her food trick too, but she eats around the pill. It's impressive.

Enter the mortar & pestle. Every pet owner should have one of these babies, it is a godsend. You can easily crush the pill up into a fine powder and put it in anything you want. Food, tuna juice, whatever works/covers the taste. Such a relief! She has no idea, and can't thwart our efforts! I just wanted to share for anybody else that may have elderly or chronically ill critters. Hope it helps!
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