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Smart Pet Owners

Trying to give "SPO" a new meaning

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Good stories, people.

Educational information.

Real facts.

A lack of snark and rude commenting.

Everyone wants to do the best for their pets, and we know this. Not everyone is a food snob, a breeder-hater, or a holier-than-thou ferret owner. We'd like to help you, and we'd like to support you.

We know sometimes you have to re-home a pet. It's obvious you're doing it because you care and they need a better life. It's fine, and it doesn't make you horrible.

You are not a SPO. There's no reason for 98% of the posts at stupidpetowners

Post questions, thoughts, stories, things that make you feel good. Have you met someone recently who has such a wonderfully trained dog you want to let everyone know? Let us know.

Membership is open to everyone, play nice, and be smart.