KitschyDuck (kitschyduck) wrote in smartpetowners,


Campaigners are desperately trying to save 10,000 battery hens from slaughter and find them happy new homes instead.
is currently trying to rehome all of these hens and I'd like to spread the word. I'll be taking three of them on when I collect them next weekend from Norwich.

The rescue began with the announcement that a battery farm near where I live in Norfolk was set to close, leaving its owner little choice but to kill any chickens without a home.

the slaughterman has given a date, and any remaining chickens are scheduled to die on June 28th

Even if you don't live within driving distance of Norfolk or don't have the means to rehome any hens, please spread the word! An email around my workplace has already gotten three more chickens another chance to a happier life.
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